Playgrounds for the Rich and Famous

Celebrities like to spend their time in comfort and luxury. With big bank accounts and the right connections, they can usually get in wherever they want, especially places that can offer them all the luxury in one place. Casinos are usually popular among celebrities. Instead of playing online on New online casinos, they usually prefer visiting physical casino buildings. Some of their favourite places include Bellagio Resorts and Casino and the Mar-a-Lago Resort.

Bellagio Resort and Casino

Bellagio Resort was constructed in 1998. It is today a place that offers the best of everything, including a casino, restaurants, and plenty of luxurious hotels rooms. There are 14 restaurants and in room diners. This and more have made it one of the favourite spots of celebrities. Las Vegas is never too far away for any celebrity. They only need to hop on a jet and they are at the Bellagio. A lucky guest can, therefore, get a chance to take a lot of selfies with celebrities here.


The resort in Palm Beach, Florida, named Mar-a-Lago, became a household name soon after Donald Trump moved into the White House in 2016. The billionaire president prefers spending his weekends here, instead of being in Washington DC. He has even named it his “Winter White House”, and this has transformed the luxury resort into an important meeting place for the most powerful politicians in the world. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, and the leader of China, Xi Jinping, are some of the most prominent guests who have paid President Trump a visit here. With guests like these, the resort has seen a big spike in the membership count, including businessmen and several rich and famous celebrities.

The resort, that is also a National Historic Landmark, was constructed in 1927. Donald Trump purchased the property in 1985, and has been running it along with his family since then. It houses 126 rooms and covers 62.500 square-feet. The property also houses a members-only club, with exclusive hotel amenities like spas and restaurants.

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