Adele is one of UK’s finest musicians, an all time best selling artist and a big personality bringing popularity to British music. Of course, popular singers and bands like David Bowie, Coldplay and Rolling Stones drew a lot of fans to British music, but Adele is attracting even more. Don’t give Adele a book, she won’t read it, give her an instrument, and she will appreciate it forever. This amazing woman has no intention to ever become skinny in her lifetime.

Early Years

Having an alcoholic father and a difficult childhood, it is surely impressive that Adele was still able to give so much to the world with her amazing vocals. She did, however, take after her father’s alcoholism, but that was in her former relationship. She overcame her addiction and it is also interesting that she wrote some of her albums amidst her drinking crises. She would also typically name her albums by the age she was while she wrote the songs, like 19 and 21. Adele basically taught herself music and her style is undoubtedly impressive. She has a big voice and a pure tone.

Personal Life

Adele’s son, Angelo, was welcomed into the world on the 19th of October, 2012. In 2013, she filed a privacy case, when paparazzi took pictures of her son during a family outing. With experiences like this, it is understandable that Adele kept her marriage a secret for some time. Her marriage to Simon Konecki is no longer a secret since she confirmed this in March 2017. She had also previously addressed him as her husband during her speech at the 59th Grammy awards, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Nobody can be sure why these two chose to have a secret marriage, but the need to have some privacy can lead to such decisions.

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