Famous Casino Owners

Famous Casino Owners

Casinos are big businesses. Enthusiastic gamblers will try new strategies, discuss everything gambling related on Casino forum and seek out new casinos around the world. It is therefore not surprising that some More »



Adele is one of UK’s finest musicians, an all time best selling artist and a big personality bringing popularity to British music. Of course, popular singers and bands like David Bowie, Coldplay More »


Living in the Spotlight

Many people dream of achieving wealth, recognition, and fame by excelling in some area of life. Some will bet on a musical career or acting, while others will try to make it big in business, sports or journalism. On this site, we have gathered information on the lives of some of the most famous and inspirational people out there.

Interesting people with interesting stories

On this site, we try to focus on celebrities who have really earned their success, either because of their raw talent or because of their tireless efforts. Some of the celebrities that are covered include Adele, Jack White, Harry Kane, Zain Asher, Chiwetel Eijifor and some of the members of the British royal family, to name a few.

Find out how Adele coped with her alcohol addiction, and made the best of a difficult situation, by using her crisis to create beautiful music. Read about Jack White’s lonely childhood, where he would sacrifice much of his youth, to keep on playing music. And find out how Zain Asher and Chiwetel Eijifor, the two siblings from London with Nigerian roots, rose to become a CNN anchorwoman and a critically acclaimed actor respectively. Studying the lives of fascinating people like these can hopefully serve as an inspiration and motivation for some of the readers.

Casinos and Casino Owners

Many celebrities like going to exclusive places. This could include restaurants, hotels, and resorts, but casinos are still the favourite among many celebrities. Special attention has therefore been given to casinos and casino owners. Donald Trump is a good example of a casino owner who has paved his own path and ended up in the White House, despite all the controversies that followed him. Steve Wynn is another example of a successful casino owner that is covered on this site. Some tips on casino movies that are worth watching can also be found here.

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